Your Hot Cross, Chocolatey Filled Guide to Easter in Auckland

When you’ve finished licking off melted chocolate off your last Easter egg, don’t reach for the box of Kleenex to sob into. There’s plenty more going on in Auckland this Easter.
Here are our top picks.

The Hottest Buns in Town

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Little & Friday
Their Hot Cross Buns aren’t as huge as a lot of their cabinet food so it’s totes appropes to have 2…or 7. Whatever. Distinctively flavoured with fresh orange peel, they really go down a treat. With locations in Belmont, Ponsonby, CBD, and Newmarket you can hop around without the embarrassment of going back again and again.

Bread & Butter Bakery
We defy you to take a stroll past the Bread & Butter Bakery when they’re baking hot cross buns and not go in and immediately order a bakers dozen. They’re even made with organic flour and are preservative-free. Make that two bakers dozens, please!

To be honest you’ll be pretty mad after eating one of Miann’s deliciously moist buns. Mad that Easter only comes once a year. Well, I guess that means we’re just going to have to soak up as much of the hot-cross goodness as we can.

Events to Hop Along to

Events - Royal Easter Show

Royal Easter Show
Running from Thursday 24-Monday 28 March, the annual Easter show returns once again. With loads of entertainment, rides and animals for kids, it’s the perfect way to tire them out after their Easter sugar rush.

Rainbow’s End Easter Carnival
Rainbow’s end is hosting a 4 day Easter carnival this year. We’ve even heard a rumour the Easter Bunny himself is visiting. Perhaps you’ll have the best chance of spotting him from the top of the Fearfall.

Waiheke International Jazz Festival
Ten years ago the Easter Bunny lost his iPod on Waiheke while delivering Easter eggs to all the children. His playlist was filled with nothing but Jazz. In honour of this, Waiheke likes to put on a Jazz festival at Easter. The line up includes Greg Johnson, Tahuna breaks, The Lady Killers and many more.

His Story My Story
If you’re feeling a bit indoorsy on Good Friday because of classic Auckland weather but still want to get out of the house, check out more about Easter at LIFE’s multi-media presentation in Mt Eden. There are 3 sessions, so even if you sleep in, you can still make it. Buy your tickets here.

Your Chocolate Fix

Chocolate - Casa del Gelato

Casa del Gelato
Monstroshakes. Yes, they are a thing! If you’re a lover of oreos, chocolate, nutella, pretzels, chocolate, banoffee, toffee, biscuits, or more chocolate, welcome to your second home. They taste as good as they look!

Chocolate Boutique
If you’ve ever dreamt of a Chocolate Narnia, this is where you want to be. As soon as you step into this place, you’ll never want to leave. Everywhere you look, there’s chocolate and other sweet treats starring into your soul. Celebrate Easter or being single on Easter by ordering a Chocolate Denso (pretty much melted chocolate in a cup but way better) or if you’re a bit of an extremist, try the Death by Chocolate. Sharing recommended, but not necessary. 

Waffle Supreme
“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.” And with Waffle Supreme’s waffles, being covered with dark chocolate there’s a definite front runner. 

Easter Egg Hunts for Kids and Big Kids

Easter Eggs

Hide & Sequa
The team behind Sequa Drinks are hiding heaps of eggs within one area of Cornwall Park especially for you to find and here’s the best part. Not only do you get the adrenaline rush of discovering an egg, you’ll also feel like a million dollars when you claim your prize at their snazzy ute afterwards. As Oprah would say, “You get a prize. And you get a prize. Everybody gets a prize!” [When you find an egg that is]. 

Rocket Ropes
For an Easter Egg Hunt of a different kind, take the kids to Rocket Ropes this Easter Saturday & Sunday and make them work for their sweet treats. 

The Amazing Maze
The idea of being lost in a maze suddenly seems a whole lot more appetising knowing it’s filled with Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny is going all out on this one in Karaka and dropping 30,000 Easter Eggs. The hunt is on 11am-2pm over Easter with a night time Easter Egg Hunt 7pm-9pm on Easter Sunday. 

Onehunga Easter Egg Hunt
It’s hunting season. And with chocolate at the end of it, it’s the kind of hunting we can get behind. 10 special eggs are scattered around Onehunga Mall and Dress-Smart, and with a huge family hamper at stake, I’m heading there right n… 

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