Step into the World of Virtual Reality

When was the last time you swam the depths of the ocean alongside a whale ….? or ‘walked the plank’ off a high rise? How about getting up close and personal with a bunch of zombies? Take a step into the Virtual Reality Studio, where your imagination comes to life!

Yi (China) and Kelly (Auckland) are blown away by the expansive world of Virtual Reality (VR) and the friendly staff who are passionate and extremely knowledgeable.

Kelly is up for it first and walks the Plank!

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“My headset is comfortable, and completely adjustable to cater for my needs. Paired up with headphones that completely cancel out sound, I’m immersed in a virtual world where I find myself standing outside an elevator. Urged to walk into it, I use the controller to press the button to the top floor. The elevator begins to move. I reach the top floor, the doors open and OH MY GOSH! MY LEGS ARE SHAKING!

“As I look out  my heart is racing…. This has to be 20 floors up! Looking down I see skyscraper after skyscraper and with the motorway far below. Then I notice the plank… I also notice how narrow it is… I have to walk that?!

“Okay… You can do this… One foot after the other.. YOU’VE GOT TO DO THIS!

“I can see  “tiny” cars moving on the roads below and “miniature” people walking on the pathways. As I edge out at a glacial pace to the end of the plank, I realise there’s only one way down……..  and  that’s to JUMP! It’s difficult not to scream as “I free-fall” fast to the ground. Everything turns white.. and it’s over!

“I’VE NAILED IT and I’m up for the next challenge!

“This time it’s much more relaxing. I adjust my headset and dive into the depths of the ocean. I come face to face (actually it’s more like “eyeball to eyeball”) with a giant whale. He seems friendly enough as a swarm of beautiful irridescent jelly fish glide past lighting up the sea.

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“Think I’ll go on holiday now and see what Google Earth has to offer. Wow – this is awesome I’ve just been across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran and now I’m in Rome right outside the Basilica.

“I just love it here but I’m not quite up to the zombies yet – Yi’s turn to face his fears!!!!!”

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Yi is geared up and ready to take on any zombie! He’s a past master of Fruit Ninja (they’ve got that here too)

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“I wonder if I can survive a zombie apocalypse and now here I am putting my survival instincts to the test! I wave the controller, as instructed, to start the game.

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“Immediately the full horror surrounds and overcomes me as I enter a drenched and run down world. My adrenalin is pumping as blood thirsty zombies come towards me in waves from all angles. Thank goodness I was given a weapon and torch! Without them, I’d basically be dinner laid out on a table! I notice how realistic the items are, from the weapons to my surroundings as well as the actions required to play the game. I will need to reload my gun when I run out of ammunition and switch the torch on and off to preserve its’ battery.

“There are many game modes and settings across the board to choose from and I soon discover that survival mode is my favourite!

“As I select it from the menu, I find myself in a dark and dingy tunnel. I look around and realise I’m completely alone. My senses all seem to be heightening, the anticipation I feel is SO REAL! Not knowing where the zombies are going to come from first, I look around frantically checking every direction. I hear a noise and turn, I see this huge mutated zombie emerging from the darkness, running towards me. His mouth is oozing with blood. I scream and dodge! My vision turns red in no time and I realise I’ve been hit. I quickly aim and shoot, emptying my round but to no avail – GAME OVER!

“A tip for you future zombie apocalypse survivalists, is that the torch can be used as an effective weapon should you run out of ammo! So something I’ve always wondered is finally answered. I probably wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse. I’m too much of a screamer and not enough of a slasher!”

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Virtual Reality Studio is split into a contrast of modernism and nostalgia. After you’ve experienced some VR and need a bit of downtime, why not take a trip down memory lane? Enter the side room and you’ll find classic arcade gaming stations along with consoles such as Sega, Nintendo and PlayStation set-up on retro classroom desks ready to play with Sonic, Mario, Crash Bandicoot and more!

The Studio is located in Mount Roskill, just 25 minutes from Auckland’s City Centre. A nifty location, you’ll find car parking is hassle-free and access is easy.

It’s equipped with seven booths – all with their own computers, VR headgear, headphones and controllers. Cords are suspended from above to allow for extra manoeuvrability so you can really get into it!

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SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Head over to Virtual Reality Studio in Mount Roskill today! Take the kids, book that stag do, this venue really can cater for anyone’s needs!