Something New at Auckland Zoo


Warning – images contain adorable animals. Not suitable for viewing at work for those prone to saying “awwww” out loud one too many times.


Auckland Zoo’s new African Savannah has just opened so we decided to go check it out.


If you enjoyed visiting Harold the Giraffe at the Life Education Vans in school, then you’ll probably enjoy seeing what’s below the neck as you walk alongside the Pridelands. There you will also find zebras, ostriches, a rhino, and springboks going about their day to day routine.

Not that we’ve got any faves, but watching the meerkats was our highlight of the African Savannah. They were so amusing to watch they were on a mission scarpering back and forth then standing on their hind legs, pausing to internalise a complicated situation. WHY DON’T ANIMATES HAVE THESE?!

tortise creche

There is a also a new crèche as you walk through. Just don’t go dropping your kids off there as this is strictly for baby tortoises. So your kids will have to eat play dough somewhere else. Their parents and other grown-up leopard tortoises can be seen nearby, making sure they’re behaving well and not jumping on each others shells. They’ll just take a while to get there to tell them off.


As we left the spanking new aviary, we were lucky enough to arrive in time to see Burma and Angalee eat their lunch. We’re pretty sure we felt judgemental looks as we were pigging out on chunky fries (which we highly recommend!) while they stuck to their healthy 5+ a day. If you haven’t guessed what animal they are already, they are the famous Asian Elephants as you might’ve seen on such websites on, pamphlets and signs around town.


There’s definitely been a lot of work done so if you haven’t been to the zoo for a little while you should definitely go and check it out. Not to mention it’s a great activity to tire the kids out for a day.