Back to the Future with Air New Zealand

As you set foot into the 75 years of Air New Zealand’s exhibition you can’t help but feel a little nostalgic and a sense of pride for what’s notably one of New Zealand’s most successful companies. It’s hard to imagine how, just a few decades ago, the air hostess uniforms were inspired by the military and they were handing out complimentary cigarettes on your flight. It’s an interactive experience for all ages, and definitely a treat for your senses.
One really cool feature of the exhibition is the Memory Room. This is where you fill out a postcard of a memory you’ve had while flying with Air NZ, and place it amongst other memories on the wall. It’s a great way for you to share your part of Air New Zealand’s history. Warm fuzzies all round.
Leave your kids to do a puzzle while you pursue your long-lost dream of becoming a freelance aeronautical artwork designer on the touch-screens they have #prettyinpink. As we watched the animated video of our pink plane with flowers floating through the clouds, we sighed deeply as we realised we should stick to our day jobs.

If you’re envious of all your friends’ constant posts on social media of their travels, but you’ve only got $4 left in your account, you can take a selfie in one of the planes to make your life look adventurous[see below].
Increase your knowledge of Air NZ’s rich history as you make your way through this nostalgic exhibition. There are interesting short clips featuring the early days, as well as tragic events, which are all part of the 75-year journey.

Our highlight was definitely experiencing virtual reality, and that alone is worth taking a trip to this exhibition. As you put the VR headset on, you’re taken to a plane of the future with completely transparent sides. It really does feel like you’re floating through the clouds as Air NZ transports you to various spaces and places. Please note if you have Ornithophobia (fear of birds) you might want to close your eyes when the Moa walks towards you.

The exhibition is open till 22 May and we highly recommend checking it out before it flies away.