10 Things To Do in Auckland this February

Auckland has plenty to offer both visitors and locals in February. The Sun is out…well we hope…it’s Auckland so that’s not guaranteed. Our weather goes through about as many changes a day as Katy Perry does at one of her concerts.

Whether you’ve come to experience our beautiful scenery, wanting to take on some adrenaline pumping activities, or maybe you’re just an American wanting to escape Donald Trump for a bit.

Whatever the reason. Auckland’s a giant playground and we’d like to invite you to come play!

Go Strawberry Picking

1. STrawberry Picking
Along with jandals and barbecues, fresh strawberries are one of the essential ingredients required for a classic Kiwi Summer. Not only does this activity save you from the four rotten strawberries your supermarket have hidden in the bottom of the punnet, it’s also a fun day out. There are a few around the place. Check out Sweet Red Strawberries, Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens or Strawberry Corner.

Embrace Pink & Try the new Cycle Way

2. Nelson St Cycleway
Grab some bikes and paint the town pink, actually that’s already been done for you so all that’s left is for you to enjoy the very new 160m long Canada Street Bridge over Auckland’s Central Motorway Junction. Enjoy the view of a great Auckland Traffic Jam as you rush over the nose to tail traffic with the wind blowing through your hair. If you go at night time you can also enjoy the LED lights too.

Get a Boat to NZ’s Oldest Riverside Tavern

3. Riverhead
The Riverhead holds NZ’s second oldest liquor license. Over 153 years The Riverhead has seen many punters come and go. Come in and soak up the history. Make the most of it, cause folks, this history lesson comes with ice cold beer. Make a day out of it by getting The Riverhead Ferry or The Red Boats have a frequent ferry service too, both leaving from downtown Auckland.

Take a Flying Fox Over Waiheke Island

4. Eco Zip
Let’s be honest, sometimes walking can get a little, well…boring. Zip lining over Waiheke Island, not so much. Eco Zip features three unique, flying fox ziplines. Each are 200m long with dual cables which means you can fly side-by-side with a friend too. This is made even more fun if you go with a friend that has a fear of heights.

Hit up a beach Up North

5. Tawharanui
January is all about wondering “How did sand get in here?!”. You can experience that feeling after visiting one of the many great beach spots up North. Tawharanui Beach features Native forest, dunes, wetlands and beautiful white sandy beaches. In Mangawai the two South Pacific Ocean beaches provide the best of worlds – quiet swimming and kayaking for the family or you can grab a surfboard and show the surf beach what you’re made of. Either are capable of getting your tan 50 shades darker.

Go See a Whale!

6. Auckland Whale & Dolphin
If you loved Free Willy, you’ll love this! Jump on board the real life version with Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari for a world-class wildlife encounter you won’t forget. The dolphin explorer leaves from downtown Auckland and takes you out on the beautiful Hauraki Gulf Marine Park – considered one of the most biologically diverse marine parks in the world.

Food & Views at Takapuna Beach Cafe

7. Takapuna Beach Cafe
Get your carb and dairy fix with their delicious hand cut fries and one of their Salted Caramel shakes right by the water. Then feel a little less guilty by doing the North Shore Coastal walk. You might even spot a Seal or two (do it in bare feet or jandals for the complete Kiwi experience). We take no responsibilities for any cuts or injuries to your feet. Sorrynotsorry.

Head along to the Zoo…at night

8. Auckland Zoo Late Nights
Let’s be honest, being back at work after a long summer break isn’t easy. But you know what makes it a little more bearable? Spider monkeys. Yes, that’s right, Spider monkeys and many other cool animals. Every Thursday in February, Auckland Zoo are open late and with tickets only $12, it’s probably cheaper than the lunch you bought at work today.

Movies In The Park

9. Movies in Parks
The inaugural Movies in The Park is on all over summer once again. So grab your significant other (or a well behaved cat) to cuddle up to and sit back under the stars and watch a movie on the giant inflatable screen. Please note: Your cat may or may not be allowed in the park. Check out moviesinparks.co.nz for a complete timetable.

Matakana Markets

10. Matakana Markets

Just North of Auckland in the majestic Matakana, you’ll find the Matakana Markets. An absolute must for visitors. Here you’ll encounter the friendly locals selling their delicious organic produce. A word of warning. Perhaps try the fresh pastries and white bait fritters after you’ve browsed the stalls as you’ll want to eat so many that walking around the rest of the market can be quite a challenge. All this is made even better with live music as you browse the stalls. It’s not difficult to see why it’s recently been voted #2 best market in NZ.

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Matakana Coast
Takapuna Beach Summerdays
Movies in Parks