Downtown 23

  Fri 10 Nov 2023 to Sun 03 Dec 2023
The Upstairs Gallery

Diverse Varied and Unique

An exhibition featuring four emerging West Auckland artists. With nods to graffiti, the urban landscape and the forever cool street-art-style paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat, this show challenges stereotypes of how young men navigate their journey into manhood in raw, unique and diverse ways.
DOWNTOWN 23 is inspired by Downtown 81, a 2000 film shot in the early 80s with Jean-Michael Basquiat playing himself as a painter, poet and musician in a sub-culture of post-punk New York. This rare, real-life snapshot embodies a diversity of creative expression that is also showcased in the exhibition, which includes works by four upcoming artists navigating the urban environment through art with a raw energy.
The show includes works by Java Leonard, Fauze Hassen, REKSO and Valkyria.